Huvanity Footwear is committed to ensuring that no forced labor is used in the production of our products. We take a comprehensive approach to identify, assessing, and managing risks of human trafficking and slavery in our supply chain.

We conduct internal evaluations of potential manufacturers and their suppliers to ensure compliance. We also have internal verification procedures in place to confirm that our standards, including our prohibition of human trafficking and forced labor, are being met. Additionally, independent third-party audits are conducted to evaluate our direct suppliers.

To further ensure that materials used in our products comply with laws regarding human trafficking and slavery, we require all manufacturers and direct suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct, which strictly prohibits the use of any form of compulsory labor in the production of our products. Manufacturers must also certify that they meet or exceed all legal requirements in the countries where they operate.

We have strict accountability standards in place for violations of our Code of Conduct. Any manufacturer, direct supplier, employee, or contractor found to violate our code will be subject to review and potential sanctions, including termination.

Our employees and management team with direct responsibility for supply chain management receive training on forced labor, including human trafficking and slavery, with a focus on mitigating risks in our supply chains.